Monday, October 5, 2009

Fourth, 7 MONTHS OLD

My good idea gone bad! :) So as many of you know and can tell i have been taking pictures of Kenzie on the blanket that my mom, Grandma Morgan, made for Kenzie. My Plan was to take a picture every month, in the same 12 month onesie and bow, and then in a big frame put each one for the 12 months up to one year :)!!! Well these are her 7 month pictures, she is now 8 months old, those picture coming soon. But as you can tell she didn't want to lay down or wear the head band!!!!!!!! We will see what happens in the next few months to see if I am able to get 12 good pictures. It's not over yet, but could be crashing down in the next few months as she is getting more and more active.


Linny said...

hilarious, are you sitting on her in the last pic?

Lisa said...

Haha, yeah, I didn't think about the fact that she wouldn't be too keen on lying down by now... :)