Saturday, October 31, 2009

For you Reading Pleasure

Yesturday I took kenzie to the doctors! THE VERDICT-Ear infection(s) Definately could have been worse, any ways while I was waiting I found this funny article from parenting magazine, and thought I would share,


1. Your morning weigh-ins are mercifully private

2. No hope of trading up to a multimillionaire, housecleaning husband who lives to give you foot rubs in wacky wife-swap episode

3. You drive a Ford, shop at Target, and drink Diet Coke all the live-long day, but no one give you a dime for product placement

4. You endure hourse of grueling photo shoots-but they're all at Sears and come out in wallet size with a faux-nature background

5. The only Extreme Home Makeover your getting is courtsey of a 5-year-old with a marker

6. You'd like to see Top Chef make three different dishes (one kid food, one vegan for your tween, and one that actually tastes good for you) every single night

7. (I don't like number 7 I think it's really mean but I will write it any ways) You really did marry your big fat obnoxious fiance. (And what's worse, no one paid you!)
See it is kinda mean

8. You never get voted off-even if you beg

9. You're surrounded by "real" housewives-but like you, they haven't shaved their legs in days

10. You know What Not to Wear, but Nothing Else Fits since you had kinds!!!

My favorite are 5, 8, 9, 10....that is why i took it from the magazine from the office :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The longest day!

This is starting on Tuesday(Yesterday) morning at 1 am

1am: Kenzie woke up, kinda weird, fed her went back to sleep

5:21 am: Kenzie woke up again, fed her and went back to sleep

7am Made Derek a Lunch, and kissed him goodbye for the day

9am: Kenzie woke up for the day happy as can be, since she woke up so late we were able to go to a play group!! YEAH

9, 9:15, 9:20: Tried to feed kenzie, WOULD NOT EAT

10am: Play Group

10:10am stayed in the car and fed Kenzie, still not having the nursing thing

11:15am: Kenzie got a little bit grumpy, went and tried to feed her NOT SUCCESSFUL

12:30pm Left the mall, dropped Lisa off, went to my moms tried feeding again NO (by this time she literally had not eaten anything!)

12:45pm Fed her some cereal and went home

1:20pm Kenzie woke up from a nap...that was a long one a whole 30 minutes

2:30pm Activity Days meeting

3:00pm Started nursing, only nursed for about a minute on one side LAME!!!! Now i am feeling the results of kenzie not eating

5:00pm Kenzie wouldn't stop crying, so I tried giving her some cereal, didn't want any of that, so BATH TIME and some tylenol, she was happy

5:30pm After I called my mom to come over and see kenzie because i didn't know what to do, SHE NURSED!!!!! 12 hours after the last time she nursed what a relief!

6:15pm Started crying again, figured she was tired due to lack of sleep, laid her in bed cried for maybe 60 seconds, asleep!

6:45pm She woke up, screaming, held her she feel asleep in my arms (reminded me of the reason why I am a mom) and decided to just lay her down next to me in the living room while i got dinner ready.

9:00pm Kenzie is still asleep on the floor. Derek called and said I am on my way home!!! YEAH...yes he was gone for 14 hours, lets just say all of the discount tires were VERY busy :) I told derek Kenzie was asleep and he was a little disappointed, he hadn't seen her all day, that is why I laid her down on the floor in the living room I figured that she would wake up any ways.

9:15pm Kenzie woke up, We played

9:45pm Family prayer, good nights, and kenzie ate again and slept all night!!!!!!

She slept until 6am this morning, went back to sleep until 9:30 and ate again at about 10:30 (about a half an hour after tylenol) and went back down for a nap at 11am!

Lets hope today goes a little smoother....

PS THE SNOW JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!!!!!!!!! it is just dumping, YUCK

Monday, October 5, 2009

Eight, Kenzie just bein' CUTE!

These are just a few random pictures of Kenzie eating and making a huge mess, and just playing! Hope you enjoy. I am all caught up...well mostly I have a couple posts that are missing but I can't find the pictures so sometime soon I will be posting when Logan came out and Matt and Lindsey and it was Derek's Birthday.

Seventh, Hammonds Candy Factory

On one if Derek's day's off we fixed my sister's car, which is now our car, so we were going to a shop to get a few parts, fender and bumper, we could not find it. Called the number that we had and they had moved since our phone book said. While we were looking in the parking lot I saw Hammonds Candy Factory...I had read on about different things to do for fun and taking a tour was one of the things. So Derek, being the nicest and best husband EVER, put aside the car thing and we went on the tour, it was short, sweet and FUN! Their candy is pretty good, not going to lie!

Kenzie smiled SO GOOD, she was excited for the tour too :)

Sixth, Dress up for Church

Kenzie's hair is finally long enough to put in a pony tail, then i put a bow in it AHHHH I love it, all I could do the first time I put it in was LOOK and say KENZIE YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!
Kenzie and Me, my eyes were really irritated that's why I look kinda funny
I love Daddy
Kenzie and Daddy :)

Fifth, Bath Time

So these aren't in order, I forgot that I needed to upload them last to first, oh well. So Kenzie loves baths, obviously :) and she loves her duck tub-THANKS LINDSEY. She was having so much fun that I had to take pictures. They made my day, hopefully they do the same for you. She is so funny and so cute :) not biased though

After bath time, she kinda looks angry :)



Fourth, 7 MONTHS OLD

My good idea gone bad! :) So as many of you know and can tell i have been taking pictures of Kenzie on the blanket that my mom, Grandma Morgan, made for Kenzie. My Plan was to take a picture every month, in the same 12 month onesie and bow, and then in a big frame put each one for the 12 months up to one year :)!!! Well these are her 7 month pictures, she is now 8 months old, those picture coming soon. But as you can tell she didn't want to lay down or wear the head band!!!!!!!! We will see what happens in the next few months to see if I am able to get 12 good pictures. It's not over yet, but could be crashing down in the next few months as she is getting more and more active.