Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Date at the Zoo

Derek and I went to the zoo while we were in denver...the weather was perfect and it was so fun to see all the animals that we got to see.

Before the pictures I thought that I would update you all. We are done with our internships and student teaching. Real life is about to start..but before it does we are just working as much as our bodies and work will allow us to work. We are just saving up money to get set up before the baby comes seeing how I won't be working for a least. I think I am 32 week-ish..I have decided not to keep track because that just slows things down even more. When we do work we have totally opposite schedules. I will only work in the afternoon because I would probably kill people and be really snotty-its hard to hold my emotions in :) sucks to be everyone else! Then derek will work nights so literally we won't see eachother all day but such is life. Derek, despite his comments, I think is really getting excited. He mostly is probably ready for me not to be pregnant-even though I think I am a good pregnant lady :) We are ready for the wind to stop and the snow to melt in rexburg already-well not with out a few good snowboarding runs for derek. Everything here is just moving along and we are enjoying the holiday season...without further prolonging here are our zoo pictures:

The CUTEST RED PANDA'S EVER!!! They were are just a few months old!

And finally what would be a blog without a goofy picture of ashley's face :)

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, we have been in Denver since Wednesday. We drove out here and needless to say it was a long drive and I am not looking forward to driving back. Since we have been here I think that I have gotten more and more uncomfortable everyday...I know that I still have ten weekds BUT I am getting to the point that I can't breath AND I have to pee every 30 to 45 minutes. That does get annoying.

We were able to go Christmas Tree Hunting. We thought that the weather was going to be sunny and not very cold...well come to find out little sister, Emily, prayed for snow...and it snowed more than just a little. We went with our neighbors, the Burton's. They have been our neighbors for a long long time.

This is before the weather started turning "frightful."

If the weather is bad we end up finding a Christmas Tree really really fast...Here is the Christmas tree for 2008!
I was late getting a video of our tree getting cut down BUT I did get one from the Burtons...Yes I know I am a great videorgrapher-the movie does end up the right way...just tilt your head.

It took all the guys to lift their tree on top of the Burton's pretty cool...

We hope everyone is having a great time wherever you are...enjoy the season as it will unfortunately soon be over. We are having a great time...we are enjoying our few weeks of not really having any commitments and school/work/internships and whatever it may be. Have a great week...we will keep posting throughout the week.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Giant Pumpkin :)

Yesterday was Halloween and I dressed up for my second graders AND for Applebee's. What could be greater than dressing up like a Pumpkin... A lady at the school that I teach at need to be carrying you pumpkin not hiding it under your shirt! HAHAHA. Halloween was a fun and crazy day...lots of craziness at Applebees, and of course the expected craziness of the elementary school...

This is Monica and me at Applebees-She didn't know what to dress up as :) but she is still so cute.

One of the little girls in second grade drew this picture of me and Mrs. West (my cooperating teacher) It is really I had to take a picture of it :)

Derek was fixing his car all day on Halloween while I was gone...this is where he fixes them and we got a picture of my makeup....

Well now its back to "normal" more dressing up in something cool...not that a pumpkin is THAT cool but you know...happy halloween to everyone hope you got to go trick or treating...

~Derek and Ashley

Oh one more thing....this girl took this picture by accident at Applebees while she was trying to figure the camera out...yes those are my feet way down there...I knew that I had smaller feet but compared to my belly they are tiny :)
In case you can't figure it feet are the ones under The Giant Pumpkin :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Tummy-don't worry its G-rated

Derek and I-mostly me-decided to take some tummy shots. I am not so good at these, plus no one wants to see my tummy without clothes me. We are getting more excited, anxious, and nervous everyday, about welcoming a little one into our lives. But we can't really think about those things to much anyways...we are a little busy plus many things have to happen before then. Derek has to finish his internship, I have to finish student teaching...only one more month of both! Then we are off to a well deserved and long awaited vacation to Colorado for Thanksgiving. After that..Christmas, then New Years...then a long month of waiting before baby comes. Derek is still working at Albertson's and I still have the good ol' waitressing job! With both of us working/internshiping/and student teaching that makes us each have 60-70 hour weeks! AAHHH....and we aren't even making money for part of it! AHHH but it is's all apart of life...

I was getting frustrated at Derek!!!!

My tummy looks like it is going eat HIM....ROAR

I think Derek had a little too much fun taking these pictures! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This one is REALLY tricky! She is looking at you
In the middle of the picture there are two LITTLE
nostrils and below that is her top lip then bottom lip.

Her foot, this is her right foot! Beautiful!

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

She is kicking the lady with the ultrasound thing! You can kind of see her profile, in the words of the doctor "She was being a pill!"

Stroller Part 2

We ordered our Carseat and Stroller together and the Carseat came a few days later!

This is them both as a "travel system" We love it!

Friday, September 12, 2008


OUR NEW STROLLER! The carseat is coming on Monday so I will put that pic on here too!

I really like it, Derek hasn't seen it yet-he is at work-hopefully he will like it too!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is the blanket that I am making
for baby.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Derek and I are currently finishing up school. He is doing his internship with Merrill Lynch and I am student teaching. We are both loving every minute of it but those are just our jobs that we don't get paid for. Derek is still working at Albertsons-trying to make money for the baby and his expensive wife! :) I am still working at Applebees on the weekends and next week going to try to work one day during the week. To get a little extra money. After this semester I will be completely done with school and Derek will only have one more semester left! As most know we are going to be having a baby, February 4th is the due date! We find out in 2.5 weeks what we are having for sure. Everything seems to be starting and ending SO SO fast. Once our scanner works we will be adding the pictures of the ultrasounds that we have had and soon the video of the little one. Life never slows down, it just is always changing the speeds of fast!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Us at the Reception in Colorado-we got to dance :)


This is our Family when we got married. Aren't they all so cute!