Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I thought I should write something...

I have been really busy lately. Mostly crazy things that are happening to Derek's Car. It runs one day and won't start the next. Then we got it fixed and the next day Derek was in an accident (don't worry no one was hurt). A few days before that Logan came to visit us(or that is what we would like to think)! He is here for a couple weeks then goes back to school. I have had a car off and on for a few weeks....it is annoying but we are saving money cause I can't go to the store...but we also don't have very much food. OH WELL YOU LIVE AND LEARN...but no worries we do have a third car and my sister uses it for the summer which is over in like a week or so, so it will be great to have a more dependable car again....

I am tired :) Life is exhausting sometimes

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Concert at the Park

I am all for finding free things to do and we used to go to concerts at the park once a summer with my Young Womens group...it was awesome :)

Don't know the band that was playing but it was fun when we went...hopefully we can go again soon!!

Cheese :)

Mommy and Kenzie

Kenzie LOVED the music!!

Playing with DADDY :)