Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Tummy-don't worry its G-rated

Derek and I-mostly me-decided to take some tummy shots. I am not so good at these, plus no one wants to see my tummy without clothes me. We are getting more excited, anxious, and nervous everyday, about welcoming a little one into our lives. But we can't really think about those things to much anyways...we are a little busy plus many things have to happen before then. Derek has to finish his internship, I have to finish student teaching...only one more month of both! Then we are off to a well deserved and long awaited vacation to Colorado for Thanksgiving. After that..Christmas, then New Years...then a long month of waiting before baby comes. Derek is still working at Albertson's and I still have the good ol' waitressing job! With both of us working/internshiping/and student teaching that makes us each have 60-70 hour weeks! AAHHH....and we aren't even making money for part of it! AHHH but it is's all apart of life...

I was getting frustrated at Derek!!!!

My tummy looks like it is going eat HIM....ROAR

I think Derek had a little too much fun taking these pictures! :)