Friday, January 29, 2010

Racist?!?!...I will let you decide

So as part of my daily routine I go to Walmart, well it feels like daily but I am sure it's not quite that many times. Any ways, I have noticed lately at the two Walmarts I go to they have been checking receipts (like Sam's and Costco when you leave). So the first time I am standing in the line to leave the store get my receipt ready and the "greeter" says you are fine. I say thank you and leave. Then just a little while ago Derek and I were leaving and this was a the other Walmart I frequent, AGAIN waiting in line to leave and when we get to the front the greeter says you are fine, and we leave. Coincidence???

The fact that you should know:
BOTH times I was the only white (Caucasian) person in line, the rest were Hispanic! (EVEN THE GREETER)

I am not sure what to think, I would like to think it is because I look trust-worthy and I have a baby, but most of the people in line had babies/kids. So I am not sure what to think, I am glad they trust me, and obviously I wouldn't steal...but just because I am Hispanic doesn't mean anything.

Just a thought,
~A trust-worthy white mom :)

Happy Birthday Kenzie

Kenzie's Birthday was on Wednesday. We had a party for her on Monday with all of her "boyfriends" :) My mom and I made Kenzie's cake and it turned out SO CUTE!!!!

You can see the last 11 months on the side bar....She is growing so fast :(

Kenzie Looks SO OLD!!!

Taking her Bows out


At Kenzie's Birthday Party, Jaxton, Cole and Kenzie running down the hall :)

Jonathan sure loves his mom

Jaxton poking Wyatt :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being Creative

I couldn't get a good picture but you get the idea, the middle picture is 11x14 and the sides are 8x10. I got everything for this project for less than $25.00 I love hobby lobby
And I know that they are not straight I still have to get some of that yellow tacky stuff to make sure they stay straight

Cute Kenzie (be warned...Really cute and she doesn't look like a baby)

Her 11 month pics

I blow dryed her hair and I loved how poofy it was especially with a bow!

Note to self: Babies turn blue if you give them a blue fruit roll up!
She has such pretty bright blue eyes! (9 Months i think)



Yes her hair naturally stands up :)

New Years Time Capsule and a cute unpacking Picture

10 years ago...holy cow, our Young Women's made time Capsules. I forgot about it for probably 8 years and remembered it last year. So when I brought it to our apartment I couldn't wait to open it...then we went to Idaho and I FORGOT IT!!!! SO I HAD TO WAIT LONGER. Well so here it is. I remember thinking when I made it, I am going to remember what is in here. Well 10 years later, a college degree later, a marriage later, a baby later and moving who knows how many times, I did NOT remember. It was really fun to see things that I like and pictures that I had put in there! Thanks to all of my Young Womens leaders! And to everyone that reads this that was in young womens with me, what was is yours? Do you still have it?

And I thought that this was the cutest picture of Kenzie :) She is so funny, and such a good unpacking helper

Trip to Idaho

Derek, Kenzie and I had the opportunity to go to Idaho for New Years, to visit family and friends. It was such an awesome trip. First of all because Kenzie got an A+, we only stopped once on the way there and once on the way back. (Luckily we had to stop to get gas or else Derek wouldn't have stopped at all...he is crazy) Kenzie took a little while getting used to a new place but she did okay. It was so fun to see her and Annaliese "play" it is going to be so fun when 5 months isn't a big difference! They both are walking and by the last time they were together followed eachother around, and Kenzie showed Annaliese how "cool" it was to go up a few stairs, turn around and SIT...sorry Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Brittany and Uncle Ryan. Hopefully she isn't doing it anymore :)
We had a great time seeing our family and friends. Thanks for the great visit. Hope to see you all again soon!!!
She's a sad Panda
Annaliese did not want to eat, but she has a mean Aunt Heather that made her! Okay just kidding well kinda, Heather is NOT mean AT ALL, but she did make Annaliese eat!

Carrying Kenzie's Blanket

Boys will be boys! Ryan just ran full speed to slide on the sled, but I think Derek pulled it out before he got there....RUDE, I KNOW

Notice that white rectangle above Derek's head, Tanner (the one on the right) just threw it to hit Ryan (the one on the left, that is crouching) AWESOME PICTURE

Brothers and Sister! (and Tucker)

Merry Christmas....FINALLY

Derek (and I guess, me) got an early christmas's a little embarrassing because it definatley NOT SMALL!!! Oh well, he works hard for Kenzie and I :)
Brian and Derek unwrapping the beast

Noah's Ark, we have had this for over a year! I was so excited to give it to Kenzie, and she got that awesome toy box! We found the coolest toddler/child toys They are sweet (we got it on sale, even better)
Our Christmas! It was so fun!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Years and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone we are currently on our way home from visiting family and friends in Idaho. We had such a great time these past few weeks with family and friends that I was thinking about how grateful I was for family and friends. We have blessed with great both! As Derek and I get closer together we realize how important it is to have each other and our beautiful, smart, funny daughter! Being parents has one hundred percent changed our lives and with emotions (Mostly my crazy hormones and depression) I couldn't say that it was great. Now I can! It is great! Now I can't say it's easy, rewarding yes, easy not so much. It's hard to give things that you get used to as just a husband and wife. Now don't get me wrong I love being a mommy and Derek loves being a daddy and I feel like it was the right time in our life. And some people its not there time and the Lord knows way more than we do. And just because someone isn't having kids doesn't mean that they don't want them or would be bad parents it could be its not there time and we can't judge that we just need to love them no matter what (Which sometimes isn't easy). That's all i wasn't planning on writing that much but the words just came. We love you all wish the best 2010 ever. Love, Derek, Ashley, and the crazy baby Kenzie