Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Time Capsule and a cute unpacking Picture

10 years ago...holy cow, our Young Women's made time Capsules. I forgot about it for probably 8 years and remembered it last year. So when I brought it to our apartment I couldn't wait to open it...then we went to Idaho and I FORGOT IT!!!! SO I HAD TO WAIT LONGER. Well so here it is. I remember thinking when I made it, I am going to remember what is in here. Well 10 years later, a college degree later, a marriage later, a baby later and moving who knows how many times, I did NOT remember. It was really fun to see things that I like and pictures that I had put in there! Thanks to all of my Young Womens leaders! And to everyone that reads this that was in young womens with me, what was is yours? Do you still have it?

And I thought that this was the cutest picture of Kenzie :) She is so funny, and such a good unpacking helper


Lisa said...

I was in Young Womens with you, but I'm not totally sure if I made one or not. Dang--I bet that would've been amusing :)

Abbey said...

lol, I totally remember those. Unfortunatly I'm pretty sure I opened mine about 6 months after we made them, I guess I couldn't wait ;)