Saturday, August 30, 2008


Derek and I are currently finishing up school. He is doing his internship with Merrill Lynch and I am student teaching. We are both loving every minute of it but those are just our jobs that we don't get paid for. Derek is still working at Albertsons-trying to make money for the baby and his expensive wife! :) I am still working at Applebees on the weekends and next week going to try to work one day during the week. To get a little extra money. After this semester I will be completely done with school and Derek will only have one more semester left! As most know we are going to be having a baby, February 4th is the due date! We find out in 2.5 weeks what we are having for sure. Everything seems to be starting and ending SO SO fast. Once our scanner works we will be adding the pictures of the ultrasounds that we have had and soon the video of the little one. Life never slows down, it just is always changing the speeds of fast!