Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A tribute to the best Daddys'

To our rockin daddy!!!


You are the best daddy, Kenzie loves youso much and you love her more than anything. You work so hard to provide for Kenzie and I, and even though I know I don't act very grateful sometimes I am, I know that you would do anything for us. Thank you Derek/daddy for everything you have done to make our lives better. We are so lucky to have you!

Ashley and Kenzie

I cant forget my dad!

Thank you dad for everything that you have taught me. I know that there are many things I have learned from you and many things that Derek, Kenzie and I are going to learn as we all grow up. You are a great example of a great dad. Thanks for always being there for me,



Funny Kenzie

Kenzie is getting so big, Derek and I decided to give her cereal for the first time this last week...she was drooling and chewing and yelling at us, so we decided to try it out. Kenzie has learned how to roll over both directions and she can sit....holy cow Kenzie baby is getting so big!
Such a cute girl...
I want MORE...

Look how big I am :)

Kenzie really sleeps on her side...she rolled over on her side and fell asleep on the floor! HAHA she is so cute..and EVERY TIME i go check on her she is sleeping on her side


Kenzie turned 4 months old and next week she turns 5 months!!! Here are some 4 month pictures:

This one is my favorite...

I love when we she smiles and laugh

Pucker up Lincoln...haha

She is getting SO tall!

When we made it to Colorado I left Kenzie on our bed with some stickers/something to eat and keep her occupied while I unpacked! This is what i found: At first I thought....hummm...I guess that is what i get for leaving stickers with a baby....a few minutes later I saw this....
Okay, okay...I am kidding...i didn't really think Kenzie did it..I knew derek did...Silly daddy....he thought that they weren't very sticky...until we tried taking them offf...OOPS


Derek and I moved to Colorado, on June 8th. We packed up our apartment over the space of a week and a half and moved!!! Kenzie was a big help as you may guess. When we loaded up the truck on that monday, Derek went to get the truck at 8 and we had people coming to help at 830..we thought would be enough time....NO...derek didn't get back until after 9! So while he was getting the truck family, people from our ward, and friends started piling in! All of the guys unpacked our apartment... by the time derek was packed AND we had the Budget truck loaded BY 9:52am...I know amazing not even one hour!

Derek and I got sick the night before we moved and it was not plesant but we decided since we got a good head start on driving we would drive all the way....one word to describe it...MISERABLE...never again will we be driving...EEEEWWW