Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Giant Pumpkin :)

Yesterday was Halloween and I dressed up for my second graders AND for Applebee's. What could be greater than dressing up like a Pumpkin... A lady at the school that I teach at need to be carrying you pumpkin not hiding it under your shirt! HAHAHA. Halloween was a fun and crazy day...lots of craziness at Applebees, and of course the expected craziness of the elementary school...

This is Monica and me at Applebees-She didn't know what to dress up as :) but she is still so cute.

One of the little girls in second grade drew this picture of me and Mrs. West (my cooperating teacher) It is really I had to take a picture of it :)

Derek was fixing his car all day on Halloween while I was gone...this is where he fixes them and we got a picture of my makeup....

Well now its back to "normal" more dressing up in something cool...not that a pumpkin is THAT cool but you know...happy halloween to everyone hope you got to go trick or treating...

~Derek and Ashley

Oh one more thing....this girl took this picture by accident at Applebees while she was trying to figure the camera out...yes those are my feet way down there...I knew that I had smaller feet but compared to my belly they are tiny :)
In case you can't figure it feet are the ones under The Giant Pumpkin :)