Friday, January 29, 2010

Racist?!?!...I will let you decide

So as part of my daily routine I go to Walmart, well it feels like daily but I am sure it's not quite that many times. Any ways, I have noticed lately at the two Walmarts I go to they have been checking receipts (like Sam's and Costco when you leave). So the first time I am standing in the line to leave the store get my receipt ready and the "greeter" says you are fine. I say thank you and leave. Then just a little while ago Derek and I were leaving and this was a the other Walmart I frequent, AGAIN waiting in line to leave and when we get to the front the greeter says you are fine, and we leave. Coincidence???

The fact that you should know:
BOTH times I was the only white (Caucasian) person in line, the rest were Hispanic! (EVEN THE GREETER)

I am not sure what to think, I would like to think it is because I look trust-worthy and I have a baby, but most of the people in line had babies/kids. So I am not sure what to think, I am glad they trust me, and obviously I wouldn't steal...but just because I am Hispanic doesn't mean anything.

Just a thought,
~A trust-worthy white mom :)


Lisa said...

Maybe you didn't have anything big? That is weird, though.

Abbey said...

It seems like they just do it randomly here. And ya, if you have anything big.

Anderson and Associates: said...

You are funny that you wait in line to leave. If the person checking the receipts is busy (which is most of the time) I just walk on by - out the doors.