Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentines Day and Anniversary

Kenzie ate almost two WHOLE waffles!! She loved them
Derek LOVES waffles with Ice Cream...(so do I)

On Valentines Day Derek made us heart shaped waffles. They were delicious! We didn't have any eggs so I looked up a substitute in one of my cooking books and it said, 1 egg=3 Tbsp of Mayo. WHAT???? Well we tried it and it totally worked. They still tasted like waffles!

Our anniversary was also two days later. Derek and I took cash out of our account and went shopping. THE RULES: don't spend more than the cash we had....We have never just gone and spent money without thinking about our purchases and it was awesome. Kenzie spent the night at Grandma's (I cried like a baby, I had never left her over night and I thought that I was being a bad mom) then we picked her up the next afternoon and we went swimming and the Paul Dedra (sp?) Rec Center...there are two water slides and Kenzie Loved going down with derek and I.
OVERALL a great Valentines Day and Anniversary of THREE YEARS!

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