Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Date at the Zoo

Derek and I went to the zoo while we were in denver...the weather was perfect and it was so fun to see all the animals that we got to see.

Before the pictures I thought that I would update you all. We are done with our internships and student teaching. Real life is about to start..but before it does we are just working as much as our bodies and work will allow us to work. We are just saving up money to get set up before the baby comes seeing how I won't be working for a least. I think I am 32 week-ish..I have decided not to keep track because that just slows things down even more. When we do work we have totally opposite schedules. I will only work in the afternoon because I would probably kill people and be really snotty-its hard to hold my emotions in :) sucks to be everyone else! Then derek will work nights so literally we won't see eachother all day but such is life. Derek, despite his comments, I think is really getting excited. He mostly is probably ready for me not to be pregnant-even though I think I am a good pregnant lady :) We are ready for the wind to stop and the snow to melt in rexburg already-well not with out a few good snowboarding runs for derek. Everything here is just moving along and we are enjoying the holiday season...without further prolonging here are our zoo pictures:

The CUTEST RED PANDA'S EVER!!! They were are just a few months old!

And finally what would be a blog without a goofy picture of ashley's face :)

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