Monday, December 1, 2008


Well, we have been in Denver since Wednesday. We drove out here and needless to say it was a long drive and I am not looking forward to driving back. Since we have been here I think that I have gotten more and more uncomfortable everyday...I know that I still have ten weekds BUT I am getting to the point that I can't breath AND I have to pee every 30 to 45 minutes. That does get annoying.

We were able to go Christmas Tree Hunting. We thought that the weather was going to be sunny and not very cold...well come to find out little sister, Emily, prayed for snow...and it snowed more than just a little. We went with our neighbors, the Burton's. They have been our neighbors for a long long time.

This is before the weather started turning "frightful."

If the weather is bad we end up finding a Christmas Tree really really fast...Here is the Christmas tree for 2008!
I was late getting a video of our tree getting cut down BUT I did get one from the Burtons...Yes I know I am a great videorgrapher-the movie does end up the right way...just tilt your head.

It took all the guys to lift their tree on top of the Burton's pretty cool...

We hope everyone is having a great time wherever you are...enjoy the season as it will unfortunately soon be over. We are having a great time...we are enjoying our few weeks of not really having any commitments and school/work/internships and whatever it may be. Have a great week...we will keep posting throughout the week.


Linny said...

looks like fun! whats your address in rexburg?


Ash! Loved hearing your laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have no idea, watching your video made my day!

Love ya :)

Mat and Monica Wynn!! said...

yay!!! MAMMA AND PAPA MORGAN!!! When are you coming back!?!?! I want to see you. I cant believe you are so close to being a mommy!