Monday, October 5, 2009

Seventh, Hammonds Candy Factory

On one if Derek's day's off we fixed my sister's car, which is now our car, so we were going to a shop to get a few parts, fender and bumper, we could not find it. Called the number that we had and they had moved since our phone book said. While we were looking in the parking lot I saw Hammonds Candy Factory...I had read on about different things to do for fun and taking a tour was one of the things. So Derek, being the nicest and best husband EVER, put aside the car thing and we went on the tour, it was short, sweet and FUN! Their candy is pretty good, not going to lie!

Kenzie smiled SO GOOD, she was excited for the tour too :)

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peas n' honey said...

i love the one where you guys are in the distance :)