Saturday, October 31, 2009

For you Reading Pleasure

Yesturday I took kenzie to the doctors! THE VERDICT-Ear infection(s) Definately could have been worse, any ways while I was waiting I found this funny article from parenting magazine, and thought I would share,


1. Your morning weigh-ins are mercifully private

2. No hope of trading up to a multimillionaire, housecleaning husband who lives to give you foot rubs in wacky wife-swap episode

3. You drive a Ford, shop at Target, and drink Diet Coke all the live-long day, but no one give you a dime for product placement

4. You endure hourse of grueling photo shoots-but they're all at Sears and come out in wallet size with a faux-nature background

5. The only Extreme Home Makeover your getting is courtsey of a 5-year-old with a marker

6. You'd like to see Top Chef make three different dishes (one kid food, one vegan for your tween, and one that actually tastes good for you) every single night

7. (I don't like number 7 I think it's really mean but I will write it any ways) You really did marry your big fat obnoxious fiance. (And what's worse, no one paid you!)
See it is kinda mean

8. You never get voted off-even if you beg

9. You're surrounded by "real" housewives-but like you, they haven't shaved their legs in days

10. You know What Not to Wear, but Nothing Else Fits since you had kinds!!!

My favorite are 5, 8, 9, 10....that is why i took it from the magazine from the office :)


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you found out was wrong! I figured it would be something like that. And those are funny! We especially liked the Extreme Home Makeover one :)

peas n' honey said...

those are pretty funny!