Monday, November 16, 2009

I know I know

Lets just say we have been crazy. AHHH Derek and I both got the flu twice, Kenzie got ear infections and I think a little bit of the flu. So 6 sickness and two months later we are FINALLY getting back to normal HOLY TOLEDO that took forever. Well I am going to post a few pictures to walk you through the last two months, is getting so big I can't believe it, she is already walking in steps, 3-6 at a time!
Halloween, we painted her face and everything but we forgot our camera, oh well Derek and I were sick that night any ways
My poor sick family
Still sick
I know the saddest picture ever
She looks so big I can't stand it
She loves her dad, and I love these pictures
Probably my favorite EVER
Sneaky little monkey
Who me????
She feel asleep and I even got her out of her carseat and I even changed her diaper and she still stayed asleep
Kenzie's favorite spot under the computer desk
Playing with Daddy
Daddy's Girls


Linny said...

whoa, you look goood in that last pic!

Linny said...

hmm, i wasnt trying to be gay or make it seem like that would be a shocker, your face just looks real skinny!

Anderson and Associates: said...

I love the third picture down, Kenzie looks so cute! And I agree, you look really pretty! I can't wait to see the family photos.
~ Nicole A.

peas n' honey said...

Ash, it's 5:28 am this morning and what in the world am I doing? looking at your adorable post, that's what!
I love the pics. I'm so glad you all are more healthy! I thinking I'm coming on with a cold again :(
I can TOTALLY tell you lost weight in that last picture!

Lisa said...

I love these pictures!! Even though it means you guys were sick so you were sleeping all over the place. I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

Anonymous said...

so cute! you are not going to believe this, but annaliese was a leopard for halloween, too! that is too funny... they had the same costume!

Mat and Monica Wynn!! said...

ash you look great! and she is getting sooo big! oh that picture of her sick is sooo sad :( hope you are all feeling better now. Good luck with your cupcake business.