Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The longest day!

This is starting on Tuesday(Yesterday) morning at 1 am

1am: Kenzie woke up, kinda weird, fed her went back to sleep

5:21 am: Kenzie woke up again, fed her and went back to sleep

7am Made Derek a Lunch, and kissed him goodbye for the day

9am: Kenzie woke up for the day happy as can be, since she woke up so late we were able to go to a play group!! YEAH

9, 9:15, 9:20: Tried to feed kenzie, WOULD NOT EAT

10am: Play Group

10:10am stayed in the car and fed Kenzie, still not having the nursing thing

11:15am: Kenzie got a little bit grumpy, went and tried to feed her NOT SUCCESSFUL

12:30pm Left the mall, dropped Lisa off, went to my moms tried feeding again NO (by this time she literally had not eaten anything!)

12:45pm Fed her some cereal and went home

1:20pm Kenzie woke up from a nap...that was a long one a whole 30 minutes

2:30pm Activity Days meeting

3:00pm Started nursing, only nursed for about a minute on one side LAME!!!! Now i am feeling the results of kenzie not eating

5:00pm Kenzie wouldn't stop crying, so I tried giving her some cereal, didn't want any of that, so BATH TIME and some tylenol, she was happy

5:30pm After I called my mom to come over and see kenzie because i didn't know what to do, SHE NURSED!!!!! 12 hours after the last time she nursed what a relief!

6:15pm Started crying again, figured she was tired due to lack of sleep, laid her in bed cried for maybe 60 seconds, asleep!

6:45pm She woke up, screaming, held her she feel asleep in my arms (reminded me of the reason why I am a mom) and decided to just lay her down next to me in the living room while i got dinner ready.

9:00pm Kenzie is still asleep on the floor. Derek called and said I am on my way home!!! YEAH...yes he was gone for 14 hours, lets just say all of the discount tires were VERY busy :) I told derek Kenzie was asleep and he was a little disappointed, he hadn't seen her all day, that is why I laid her down on the floor in the living room I figured that she would wake up any ways.

9:15pm Kenzie woke up, We played

9:45pm Family prayer, good nights, and kenzie ate again and slept all night!!!!!!

She slept until 6am this morning, went back to sleep until 9:30 and ate again at about 10:30 (about a half an hour after tylenol) and went back down for a nap at 11am!

Lets hope today goes a little smoother....

PS THE SNOW JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!!!!!!!!! it is just dumping, YUCK


Anonymous said...

Ashley. that is a crazy day. she is probably teething. i would invest in some orajel and try that on her gums. although you can't see teeth they are probably trying to come in. annaliese does that everytime she is getting teeth. what a tireing day! i hope your days go better!

Lisa said...

Wow, so she just continued to not eat! Way weird. I'd bet she's teething or fighting a sickness or something. Good luck!

And SERIOUSLY about the snow. Good thing we hung out yesterday :)