Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Third, Quick Trip to Idaho

So when BYU-Idaho started school, my sister was going up there for her first semester. My mom and dad were planning on taking her up to school and coming right back. Well the morning that they were going to leave my youngest sister got a little sick. So my mom was going to drive the whole way there and back, with Alyssa her only company on the way to Idaho. So LAST LAST minute I told my mom that Kenzie and I would come with her. So 15 minutes after we told her that, they came and got me and we were off!!!! Left on Sunday back on Tuesday. While we were there, we saw Matt, Lindsey and Linclon (notice the cute video on their blog) and we had lunch with Matt, Monica, my sister and our mom's (just like old times). We also stayed Monday night at Derek's Parents (Grandma and Grandpa Cook). I was able to catch up for a few minutes with my friend Rebecca, when I went back to Derek's parents house I left my liscence in their car and didn't know, they ended up having to mail it to me. AHHHH-I hate not being able to remember things (I lost my keys a few weeks prior amd they are still gone!) It was so fun to see everyone and Kenzie had so much fun with her aunts, uncles, cousin, second cousins, and great aunt and uncle ;)
Smilin' in her carseat
Kenzie=the biggest smiler's totally funny, she just opens her mouth as wide as it goes!!!!!!

Tanner and Annaliese, Kenzie and Grandma Cook and Ryan

She loves Grandma Cook

No, I didn't let Kenzie lick a blue skittle :)


peas n' honey said...

I'm so glad you got to come down! I loved seeing you!!!!!

Lisa said...

Hahaha I love the blue tongue :) That Kenzie has the best smile!!

Abbey said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to have a little girl around :) I love last minute trips, they are so fun. Enjoy them while you can, once Kenzie starts school say goodbye to them :(