Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First of Many!!! (Museum)

So basically, I am a slacker, I have so many pictures and we have been doing so many things that I need to update really bad. Well a few weeks ago we went to the museum, it was awesome, their new health exhibit was very exciting. Derek and I invited Emily, and we had so much fun. We took a behind the scenes tour all about the different displays! There are elf's, angels, and star wars guys in some of the murals (So fun to look for). Also the tour guide told us all about the different artist's and how they painted, and what was needed to go into the displays, like ALL of the leaves in the displays are hand painted!!!!!!! In one exhibit there are over 3 MILLION, wow that is a crazy job. We want to go to the aquarium soon, so hopefully we will since wakeboarding season is about over :)
Emily and I about ready to get eaten by the T-REX
Cutest Jeans EVER!!!

Emily, Me, and Derek walking!!! Pretty sweet

Awesome dino's

At the top of the Museum, with down-town in the background!!!!

Daddy loves his little girl :)


Linny said...

derek's face looks so skinny!

Lisa said...

Awww, you guys are such a cute family. I want to see the star wars guys in the exhibits! How cool!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Hey it was fun to see and read about all your adventures! I can tell from your new background that you're excited for Fall and Halloween just like me! I can't wait to see what costume you get for Kenzie!! Miss you guys.