Sunday, July 19, 2009


So as you can tell I have been putting every month a new picture of Kenzie in the same 12
month onesie and bow. I know that it is almost a week before turn 6 monthes..and i just put the 5 month pictures on the computer...I CAN"T PICK WHICH ONES I LIKE THE MOST..she is just too I need your help. I will number each picture and please help me pick the one that will be her 5 month...Thanks

Please just leave a comment and the number you think...




Lisa said...

Okay, for me it was a choice between 1 and 6, with 6 winning. It shoes her size well, and those smiles :)

John was looking over my shoulder, and he says that he likes 3 and 4, with 4 winning "because of the attitude." So, we like them all :)

Linny said...

hands down 6, but if not 6 then 1

peas n' honey said...

All of them are dang cute. But I really liked #2. At first 1, but it is similar to those posted already. #2 bc she is has the cutest smile and her feet are positioned differently.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I say number 6

Mat and Monica Wynn!! said...

number 1

Abbey said...

I vote #6. I liked all of them, so I pretty much just had to pick one. I like #1 a lot too though. She is such a doll!

Mat and Monica Wynn!! said...

How have you been ash? I miss you! When are you guys going to be coming back to Idaho Falls? You need to update your blog more becuase by the time the next picture it us she is going to be soo old!