Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally an Update

Lets just say I have been reunions, birthdays, water world, visitors, traveling, almost crawling, starting food, wakeboarding, waterskiing, swimming, jazzercise, deal hunting, shop hop, sewing, cleaning, going to the fair, and these are the only things i can think of! I was informed by my friend that I need to update more...which i totally do but this summer has been NUTS.
Here are some updates on each of us:

Derek: Enjoying his job more...we are very grateful for a good paying, secure job. Obviously not dream job...I think it is rare for people to ever find their dream job, let alone in the first shot...Derek's birthday was yesterday, we went to water world with Matt and Linsdey, and Logan (Derek's brother). For his birthday I arranged for Logan to come out! Derek was suprised and we had a blast at babies just adults, one of the first time Derek and I have been together without Kenzie!!!

Me: Trying to get and stay caught up. AHHHH a never ending process I swear. Just doing the daily things, clean, making sure bills are paid, jazzercise, thinking up and making dinner, takes ALL day, then if i have errands you can kiss my brain GOODBYE! Next week I am going to some Elementary Schools, I would love to tutor some Elementary school students for a little bit extra money, every bit helps right? So you can spread my name around Colorado if you hear any leads!! I figure since I am almost certifide (I need to fill out the paper work) I might as well keep up on the skills.

Kenzie: She is getting so big! She is now more than 6 months old and she is hours away from crawling, she can push herself up from her belly to sitting, she sits on her own really tall and straight, smiles at almost anyone (she is starting slight stranger anxiety, and mommy attachment) laughing....Basically she is just the cutest EVER!

Here are a few pictures, Kenzie's 6 month blanket pics, and other random ones.
A silly Family!!!

This is Kenzie's FAVORITE joke!

Kenzie's First Jet Skiing Experience-She loved it, she was almost asleep by the time we got back!

Helping with Laundry



Styling Kenzie!

6 month


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I loved reading your update. I miss living by you! : (

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I love that little girl. She's just too cute!!

P.S. We've gotta go to C.B. (know what that means??) soon :)

peas n' honey said...


- here is a blog that has those collages i was talking about
i REALLY want to know how to do them... and they look rather easy...
btw you have some way cute pics. love the one on the potty :)