Sunday, July 12, 2009


My sister's Car was STOLEN...can you believe that...I am not really sure why they stole it, it basically ran and that was the only good thing about it. Let me describe it to you so that you are able to spot it is about a 95-96 Honda Accord, Black-well the parts that aren't rusty, the driver door and back seat door behind the drivers door is the only doors that open, glance over to the passenger side of the door: dents, holes, bumps, bruises, rusting-it looks like it has been through a war. Inside: well lets just say you will can tell that a busy teenager lives in it ;) no offense. Bumpers are dented...I am not really sure why someone would want to steel it. But they did, know we have to find it...the police have been contacted and guessing it might show up in a few days, we will see...maybe those mean people that stole it will get caught, hopefully, or at least she gets her car back...but seriously I am too embarrassed even to ride in it...hopefully they will be too embarrassed to and leave it somewhere with everything still in it and it runs.

If you see this piece of work please let me or my family know...espcially if you are currently residing in another state besides Colorado...unfortunately the car had a full tank of gas.

Please keep your eyes open, and us in your never know what we can accomplish together

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Lisa said...

I'll keep an eye out. How sad! I can't believe that!!