Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July

For the 4th, we were busy all day. First we went to a breakfast, totally fun, then we missed the softball game but we went over to where the game was being played and we said hi to everyone. Then since my sister works at Adventure Golf...a miniature golf place that has go-carts and everything...we road those. At night we went over to the Andrews for a BBQ, it was all of the Andrews, all of the Talbotts, and all of us! There were 3 sets of parents/grandparents, 6 children/parents, and many children/grandchildren...it was so fun.

Derek playin catch with the guys
Kenzie refusing to keep her jacket on...she wanted to play with her toys too much!!
Derek and Kenzie sitting during the BBQ
"Z" showing us how big she is!

Last but not least the best family picture EVER :)

I am not biased or anything...right


Lisa said...

I have to agree, that IS the best family picture ever!! You need to frame that one :)

Linny said...

yeah, hands down best family picture ever taken! and you look fantastic! Jazzercise! did you get your hair cut?

Mat and Monica Wynn!! said...

ash i love it!!! super super cute picture!