Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Part 2 of Kenzie's Birthday

So Derek was in charge of the camera during Kenzie's family party. The only picture that we have is this one of the cake...AND I TOOK IT! HAHA The rest are videos and they are long and you don't need too see those :)

So we had my parents and we ordered pizza, opened presents and had cake and ice cream.

Well, here is our picture :)


love, rebecca violet said...

Did you make the cake? Love the photos of Kenzie below!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Happy Birthday Kensie! I love that the cake has animal crackers on it. So cute.

Dan~Alyssa said...

haha that is how dan is too! in our whole time being married i think he's only taken a handfull of pictures. The last one was of the silverward drawer because I threw them all disorganized in there. haha oh the things men find camera worthy! haha

Lisa said...

Cute cake!!