Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Picture Tag

Lindsey Tagged me so here we go!

The rules are you post the 4th picture of the 4th folder, 8th picture in the 8th folder, 12th picture in the 12th folder and the 16th picture in the 16th folder. Then tag others to do the same.

4th in 4th

This obviously was taken before Logan was on his mission. We all tried on sunglasses while we were in Pocatello and my roommate Alyssa took this picture. I can't remember the exact reason we were in Pocatello but we were :) This was taken on Derek's old cell phone.

8th in 8th

Another cell phone picture :) This is Derek and Matt Day standing underneath the dump bucket of e-coli :) After this "FUN" day of playing at the splash park in Rexburg, Idaho we all got really really sick. I will spare the details.

12th in 12th

This is before Derek and I had even met! He is "rebuilding" and fixing his mustang that he drives even though we like his car, the conditions in Rexburg are not suitable for a mustang.

16th in 16th

This was when Derek and I were engaged. We wanted winter pictures and eventually ended up standing in a frozen over river, which we had to break the ice first. But we are just "dancing" on a frozen pond or something. It was really the end result made for some pretty sweet pictures!

People I tag: Monica, Rebecca, Mom, and Brittany Cook

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