Monday, October 3, 2011

WOW-I am not dead

Holy crap buying a house is exhausting....I am not really good about blogging (obviously) while I can hardly stand sitting in a messy disorganized house. My cabinets are almost they are curing right now and then I will have my kitchen back...ahhh I can't wait. I am loading new pictures onto the computer so you all can see my stinkin cute kiddos and I am tired. Blah and tired

Little quick update
Levi is 6 months
Kenzie is 2 1/2

kenzie talks our ear off....not as fun as it sounds
and levi melts our hearts with his perfectness :)

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Dan~Alyssa said...

you are alive!!! can't wait to see pictures of your cabinets!! You have worked hard girl I don't know how you do it! i love Levi and his "perfectness" he is getting soooo big! and kenz is just as darling as ever! you will have to text me your new address! sure do miss you guys!