Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Birth Story (Warning LONG and NO details left out)

Well, Kenzie is at Grandmas for the weekend and Derek is studying for a HUGE test that he is taking on Monday...this means I have time to myself with Levi...since he is sleeping I can BLOG!!! YEAH...well here is Levi's birth story...

We are going to start in the first week or so of March. I was having a hard time breathing and catching my I was a little nervous because IF I wasn't getting enough oxygen I wanted to know that our Baby Boy was, SO I went into the doctors. Obviously I wasn't in labor, the doctor checked me, I was still at a one but getting "softer." AND Levi was doing just fine...she told me that he was a GOOD 7 lbs. (this wasn't my normal doctor she was out of town). I thought WOW that's big already. I was about 36 1/2 weeks almost 37.

Well things went on as normal as they can with a huge belly. At my 37 week appointment Derek wanted me to ask about being induced and the doctors opinion and philosophy. She said that it was totally fine but they can't induce until 39 weeks, and they don't induce on a weekend. So I went home and talked to Derek. He thought that it was a great idea and we decided to schedule for March 25th.

I went to my appointment on the 22nd and told my doctor what we decided. I had told Derek that if I wasn't dilated anymore than a 1 (still) then I wasn't going to schedule an induction, obviously my body wasn't ready yet). Well I got checked and I was a 3! YEAH, scheduled it for Friday.

We dropped Kenzie off at my Mom's on Thursday night since I had to be there early he next morning. Obviously I didn't sleep very well and was up early-like 4 and decided to play Wii until I took a shower and such. Derek got everything in the car and I was making sure I didn't forget anything and my phone rings and it is the hospital asking me if I was still coming. I said yes, aren't I supposed to be there at 7:30? They were supposed to be here at 6 we like to have you prepped and ready for the O.R. by 7:30...I said okay we are leaving right now we are just about 15-20 minutes away...see you soon, bye...

..........WAIT a minute did they say O.R.???? Hum...that doesn't make sense.....

Oh well, we drove to the hospital and went inside when we were flooded with "I'm so sorry, we're so sorry, sorry sorry..." They got me mixed up with someone who was having a c-section. BUT we were 15 minutes early! That is better than late! So They get us all set up.

My doctor came in and broke my water sometime between 8:30 and 9 (consequently while Derek was wondering the halls trying to find his way out to go get stuff out of the car HAHAH). Because the baby was doing so well they told me that I didn't have to be hooked up to any monitors and could walk the halls.

~Side note: when they broke my water with Kenzie it was like the flood gates opening and I filled like 5 of those bed pads in seconds....this baby's head was like a plug and so it just trickled...

While walking the halls I had to return frequently to the bathroom to change everything, since there was plenty of "water" leaking everywhere filling up the pads I was wearing :) OH JOYS OF CHILDBIRTH forward a few hours (nothing really exciting happens.....My contractions are really regular and I am dilating great! With them just breaking my water. The contractions are getting harder and the anesthesiologist was going to be tied up for a while and I needed to decided if I wanted it. Well I didn't, I had a horrible experience with the length of time it took the other guy to give it to me (45 WHOLE MINUTES) with Kenzie....PLUS he was feeding his cows....Well Avista always has 2 there so I said, okay I guess I am ready, well he was already in surgery and so they called the other guy. No big deal

We said a prayer...cause I was SO freaked out...and he showed up. Gave me the paper work. Explained some stuff. Told me he was going to describe what he was doing....I told him please don't, I don't want to know and don't care to know, he gave me the numbing shot (feels like a sting) and 45 SECONDS later he was done. Well consequently I start balling...LITERALLY....tears streaming down my face...I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I said thank you about a gazillion times and he was on his way.

Fast forward a little bit, my doctor came in and said WOW I thought you were on Pitocin because your contractions are BEAUTIFUL! Nope my body is doing it YEAH!!!!

Fast forward to 4:45pm...ok I am starting to feel we called my nurse and she checked my again still at 9 1/2 but she thought that I could push past we practiced pushing...


We would push on contractions and I would have a great first push but the other two were crappy...

Let me explain why: My Nurse (who WAS AWESOME I LOVED LOVED LOVED HER) would put her hand in me so that I could feel where I was supposed to push. Well that weirded me out...I could feel her hand and it just was awkward. So we did these practice pushed for about 15 minutes and I finally said, "I don't mean to be rude but can you take you hand out and then let me try" She said oh of course usually that helps people. HAHA well next contraction I pushed ONCE and she said oh we need to call the doctor don't push again. Well keep in mind I can feel everything because my epidural is wearing off...rather quickly. So with every contraction I am crying and trying to breathe and not push....almost impossible. The pain is getting almost unbearable...

She called the front desk at 5:05

She called the front desk at 5:15

She called again at 5:25-asking for ANY DOCTOR

My doctor walks in at 5:25 (luckily) There were about 6 nurses in my room ready to deliver the baby.

My nurse says, can she push (as the are tearing the bed apart, pulling up the stirrups, and getting me situated) My doctor says just let me get my gloves on....

nurse-grab your legs and push,
me-I can't it hurts to bad,
Derek- Ashley the baby is coming grab your legs and push,
me-ok, (I push for maybe 5 seconds)
doctor unwrapped the cord from his neck,
doctor-finish pushing,
me-WAHHH owee, owee ouch ouchie...uh....

~ps I think Derek recorded on his phone (sound only) this previous part..not sure though

Me: I am ready for some IB Pruefin
Nurse: You have an epidural in
Me: It doesn't work
Nurse: you need to at least eat something
Me: ok, then can I have medicine
Nurse: Ya, let me go get you some crackers and pain killers
Me: Thanks

~now the after birth

Doctor-this is the week of stubborn placenta's
5-10 minutes later it is out....BEST FEELING EVER....Even when I had Kenzie delivering the after birth feels AWESOME (at least to me) It is the most relieving feeling in the whole entire WORLD!

Nurses-he is 7 lbs 3 oz
DR- WOW he must of liked to be stretched out cause you always measured big!
Nurses-19 1/2 inches long

Doctor-you don't need any stitches
Me-REALLY! YEAH (in an exhausted excited tone)

Welp that is the story I know it is long but I wanted to write everything down while I remembered it!

It truly is a miracle!

I love Levi, it was totally worth it! (plus I have been having a great recovery)


cam ila & des said...

Thanks for sharing and I am glad you left your blog link. i am a stalker lol :) I wrote down my birth story too before I forgot. Ours is He is adorable. so is your daughter. congrats miss! Our babies are 2 months apart, exactly! lol

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Yay! It sounded like it went well even though it was painful and really hard. Your body is awesome at pushing babies out! I'm so glad you are recovering well. Have fun with your sweet little boy!

Lisa said...

Yay! I'm glad you shared :) Your details were way not creepy. I've shared grosser stuff on my blog, haha :) Yay for no pitocin!! Weird that she wanted you to push with her hand in you. With Jonathan they tried to push my cervix around his head (GIANT HEAD), and it hurt so stinking bad for someone to be up in there during those big contractions. I would be really annoyed. And even more annoyed that no doctor was coming! I would've just been like, "That's it, I'm pushing--get ready to catch!" They know how to do it :)

The Cutest Blog on the Block said...

Oh my goodness! We LOVE a good birth story, it takes us back to ours! And yes , we would agree that the last final push is the BEST EVER! After that much pain, when it is over someone could stick a hot coal to our leg and it would still be a relief! So you go girl! And we just wanted to drop a note to some of our fans and let you know that we just started a new blog animation site, and would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think! :)

The Cutest Blog On The Block