Thursday, September 30, 2010



I wasn't lazy with the putting pictures on the computer from the camera I would have something to actually post about.

I wasn't tired and wasn't as caught up in reading everybody's posts I would post something of significance.

I wasn't to busy I would do both of those things listed about.

My kitchen wasn't so stinking small I would want to cook (hopefully because I do like to cook, its just I only have ONE small piece of counter top)

My laundry room wasn't in my kitchen I would want be able to do more laundry

My house could stay clean for a whole 24 hours I would be ecstatic

I was I was a SUPER MOM~ I would be able to do all of the above, alas I am just Ashley and imperfect, and always going to be imperfect, I will try and I will try my hardest and when my hardest isn't enough I don't want to be judged because that is the only thing that we are asked to do, DO OUR BEST.


Lisa said...

Don't you feel bad, girlie! You are a super mom, you just don't see yet that that doesn't mean you have to do everything. You love Kenzie and that makes you a super mom :)

love, rebecca violet said...

Ashley- you are an amazing mom, one of the BEST wives I know and a GREAT best friend I adore!

p.s. I'm waiting for the post...