Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome Home Elder Morgan

Elder Morgan came home two weeks ago! It was so awesome to see him. He met Kenzie for the first time! I know that he had such a great mission. He had his homecoming speech on Father's Day. It was amazing, for those of you who went and heard him speak it was completely awesome. I almost cried the whole time because I couldn't believe how much he matured and has been blessed by the Lord. He has such a strong testimony. I have been to many missionary homecomings. Matt RIVALS all of those, it was one of the best thought out and prepared talks, (of course I am a little bias he is my brother!) 

It is such a blessing to have Matt in our family. He has learned so much and I look forward to listening and learning from him! Welcome Home Elder Morgan!

The Lord helps these boys change into men. A simple call from the Lord changed this boy forever!

With love and finding simplicity in everything,


Linny said...

i can't believe he's home already!!! wow!!! how wonderful he had such a great experience and learned so much! (and why does Kenz look so grown up???)

PS i loove your shirt :)

Lisa said...

It was such a great talk! I thought it was funny that he has a bit of an accent still :) He'll lose that soon enough--just shows that he really immersed himself in the language. I love your shirts! So cute :)

Mat and Monica Wynn!! said...

Are you serious!!! Holy smackers that seemed so fast! I love Kenzie's smile! When are you coming here next?