Friday, May 21, 2010

really??? REALLY????....Seriously!

Today was the first day of cloth diapering is only 4:30 and WOW have I had a day. Before I continue I just want to make it clear that I think that these are all coincidences, nothing particularly to do with cloth diapers...hopefully things go a little smoother.

9:30 am: KENZIE JUST WOKE UP!!! WOW what a start to a great day!
10:45 am: Finish eating eggs, toast and jam for breakfast, put the first cloth diaper on, get dressed, leave to go run errands (we had to take some of the cloth diapers back from the store downtown.)
11:15 am: Look in the rear view mirror on the car and see EGG CHUNKS FLYING OUT OF KENZIE'S MOUTH as she is barfing everywhere, find a place to pull over and assess the damage.
11:16am: WOW it is worse than I thought and smells horrific-I almost barf.
11:16:30seconds am: Start using wipes to clean up the best I can. Questioning WHY DID SHE BARF????
11:17 am: While cleaning up I realized that ALL of the chunks of eggs were not chewed, when she at them, they slide right down.
11:18 am: Came to a few conclusions: 1st: Kenzie ate more eggs than I thought she did (HAHA) 2nd: Kenzie does NOT like chunks in her she gagged herself (this isn't the first time) until she barfed.
11:20 am: Stripped her clothes, of course DID NOT have an extra set, wiped the seat of best I could, and went to the diaper store.
12:00 (noon): Arrived at walmart to by a new outfit, I wouldn't usually do this, but I had A TON of errands to run and I could not go home.
12:00-12:15pm: Mom's, dad's, grandma's, kids, EVERYONE looking at me, some would say...WOW that is the perfect outfit, some would say ADORABLE, some would say, SO CUTE. Kenzie was in her cloth diaper, shoes, and a hair tie with a bow. Now, I am sure that these people thought that I would PURPOSELY dress my little girl in NOTHING to go shopping. I felt like super white trash. Yes I know it looked like that on purpose (especially) with the bow, but it wasn't.
12:45 pm: Finally got to my mom's house, gave Kenzie a bath, she pooped in her cloth diaper for the first time...interesting...and went to the mall.
3:00pm: Pooped again in her cloth diaper...even more interesting....but I SURVIVED!!!!!

Now I am home, thinking about the day. Don't get me wrong. I got A TON DONE that I needed too. Now to survive the rest of the night...and if I do...I will say that cloth diapers were successful for the first day.


Anonymous said...

oh man, ashlie! that sounds like quite the day! i hope things go better. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with throw up... YET! But when I do i might just barf as well!

Linny said...

haha i'm sorry but thats hilarious

JACE said...

Oh Ash that is so funny and so sad all at the same time! I hope that tomorrow goes better for you and I hope the cloth diapers are a success in the long run.

love, rebecca violet said...

Oh, oh, oh Ashley!

I'm so sorry to hear about your day!

But on the other hand... that is a pretty cute way to dress your baby!

I hope you have a better day tomorrow.