Friday, April 2, 2010

The Cushion

Twas' the night Derek and Ashley went to her parents house,
Every creature was still stirring, even the mouse (Samson the Dog)

The house was clean with love and with care
In hope that it would stay that way while they were there

We were hoping to sleep snug in the beds
With visions of summer days wakeboarding in our heads

With Kenzie in her footsies and Ashley in her snaps (haha?)
We hope to settle down for a long nights nap.

When all of a sudden there rose up a clatter
Derek had finally caught up with them, and Ashley asked "what's a matter?"

The story he told of him running over a cushion,
It happened so fast He couldn't swerve just keep pushin'

Luckily the Mustang had enough clearance to go
And Derek was just glad that his engine didn't blow

I was glad he was safe but he told me the cushion didn't go flying
He could tell the cushion good riddance and good bye-ing (is that a word?)

Well the night was long and Kenzie woke up at Four
By the time six o'clock came around I was ready to snore

Derek left for work for the day
I said good bye and he went on his way

While taking a diaper to the trash
I looked at the drive way and noticed something stashed

While I studied the item I realized what I had discovered
The cushion that Derek ran over, mystery uncovered!

I called him and told him what I had found
He laughed and told me to keep it around

Now this cushion just sits outside
Wishing and waiting for someone to confide!

It made my week and I thought it might make yours
This is a true story and I hope it doesn't make you "snores"


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Linny said...

nobody commented on this?? i meant to tell you your crazy.