Saturday, April 18, 2009

I know I know!!!!

SO I know that it has been forever! But i figured Kenzie is asleep, Derek is at work and the apartment is remotely I can BLOG!!! And now i just heard kenzie starting to wake up...that is so typical :) lets see what i can get done before she is awake all the way.

Thursday & Friday, April 9-10th, Derek and I graduated! YEAH!!! Let me tell you it is the weirdest feeling to not have to go back to's almost surreal. Now real life starts and job hunts begin! If anyone out there has any leads...let me know. Jobs are a little more scarce these days but we know that if we are able to keep living righteously and do what we know is right, the Lord won't lead us astray

Easter Sunday, April 12th, Kenzie was blessed on Sunday...we don't have a ton of pictures, it was really windy outside, Kenzie was starving, and the sun was out which Kenzie is totally not used to since it has only been out a handful of times and it be warm enough to go out side! Derek did an awesome job on the blessing; it couldn't have been more perfect!

(wonder why she's upset LOOK At this next picutre)

Tuesday, April 14th, we were in Utah. We drove down on Sunday night. We stayed at my Uncle Dave’s house. My great grandma is still alive so we were able to all meet in Utah and take a five generation picture. It was awesome my great grandma is SO funny, she doesn’t like pictures very much, it made everything really funny! In the end we got some great shots! It was my great grandma, grandma, mom, me, and Kenzie…5 generations of STRONG women! Those pictures will be posted later. On Monday night we met up with our friends Joe and Whit, they let us stay at their apartment for the night. We went to Tucanos (a Brazilian Grill) We didn’t take any pictures with them!! SHOOT…oh well, then on Tuesday morning we went to Temple square...I had never seen the Christos, which I have been to temple square a few times but never that part! It was awesome, one of the coolest things I have ever seen!


Lisa said...

Congrats on graduation and the blessing!! So wonderful to see pictures--you guys are such a cute family!

Linny said...

yay, thats a lot for one weekend! We are jealous of your graduatingness and it was such a beautiful blessing! I found one of the sears coupons, i am ready to schedule a shoot!


Oh wow hun. Congrats on everything! We hope the best job opens up just for your family :)