Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend was Valentine's Day and our Anniversary. We have been married for two years. We didn't do much this weekend but Derek and I did go out to Coldstone on our Anniversary after he got off work. On Valentine's Day Kenzie and I, mostly Kenzie :), decorated cookies and made a cookie bouquet for Derek. We took them to his work and suprised him, he was really suprised to see us is his breakroom waiting for him to come up the stairs! I got Kenzie all dressed up for the day in a Valentine's Day out fit...I know she is wearing shorts but the outfit actually fit her and she has long socks... :)
Life has been pretty crazy around our place. Kenzie and I are home most of the day and we are usually bored by 6pm and wishing that Derek was home with us but he works until 10 and sometimes(very seldom) midnight. But we do our best not to complain because he is getting hours at work and is working really hard at school. School will end in April and hopefully by July we will be out of Idaho...begger's can't be chooser's.. but a girl's got to dream right??

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